BBC : Living Independently

Helping teenagers take their steps into adulthood

what we did

Becoming an adult is an anxious time in any teenager's life, fraught with questions and dilemmas that need answering, however, advice can often feel clunky and unrelatable. BBC Bitesize wanted to create a series called Living Independently, where the nation’s teens could get priceless tips on how to make one of life’s biggest transitions.

TOAD’s main challenge was to make them resonate with their audience, so we decided to make films told by their peers in the language and shooting techniques that they recognise. After a lengthy casting process, we travelled the length and breadth of the UK to talk to a diverse group of young adults who were willing to share their experiences of how to make the leap. The result was ten authentically told stories from real people that had been there, which are still inspiring teens today.