BBC : National Pioneers

Inspiring children to explore the diversity of music in the UK

what we did

By 2019, music learning for children across the UK was at a 15 year low, meaning thousands of 5-10 year olds were missing out on vital personal development and self expression through music. BBC Learning wanted to change this by creating free programming that highlighted the huge importance of every child in the UK having access to a musical education, so National Pioneers was born.

TOAD came up with the idea of creating a half shot, half animated world, where musicians from Britain could tell their stories of how they got into music, as well as introducing a new instrument from their local area. From Croydon Rapper, Nadia Rose, rhyming alongside an accordion, to Derry folk singer SOAK jamming with a tin whistle, these videos are built to inspire young children about the history and diversity of music in the UK.