Channel 4 : Reset and Rewind

UK Rap meets mindfulness in an animated series

what we did

Mental health problems in teenagers are at an all time high, with many people not knowing who to turn to or how to cope. We wanted to make some practical tips and relatable advice that broke down the formal barriers and resonated with them.

So we teamed up with E4 to create a first of it’s kind animated series that sees some of the UK’s leading rappers talk openly about mental health and the things that have impacted them, from grief and body image to trauma. The series, aimed at teenagers, also reimagines science-based mindfulness techniques to help young people improve their wellbeing.

Working with a host of hugely talented illustrators and animators, the five episode series takes the viewer on an absorbing visual journey where they’ll be offered tips and methods to help cope with their mental health struggles, all backed by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation.