I Escaped...

Escaping an ordeal and living to tell the tale

1 Series / 4 x (6min) episodes / Channel 4


About the series

I ESCAPED… is a series of films about real people who have escaped an ordeal and have lived to tell the tale. From current stories like escaping Ukraine to terrifying stories, like escaping a shark attack, these films capture the strength and resilience of people who have come back from the edge.

The audience are drawn in by the size of the story and carried through by the courage, heart and humility of the person telling it.

We mixed archive footage, UGC films and close up contributor interviews to create a social feel throughout and keep the audience glued to the heart of the story. Split screen was used to give the films an extra social feel and energy.

Funny + Thoughtful; sounds so simple, but can be so hard to get right.

If you want a creative & production partner with a proven track record in these spaces, get in touch.

Funny+thoughtful; sounds so simple, but can be so hard to get right.

If you want a creative & production partner with a proven track record in these spaces, get in touch.