Naap : Commercial

A film that highlighted how busy and varied a day as a GP is

what we did

We’ve all become well aware of how important NHS doctors and nurses are and how hard they work to keep us healthy. They are the backbone of our society, helping millions of people a week, month after month, year after year. No patient is the same, each person as unique as the other, which is why their learning never stops. But how do you study when you’ve got such little time, when your day starts at 07:00 and finishes at 20:30?

Napp Academy created a free online learning website where health care professionals can fit learning around their day, so they can continue to give us the first rate care we’ve become accustomed to. They wanted a film, aimed at GP’s and Nurses, that showed they had them in mind, when creating their new service.

TOAD’s answer was a beautifully shot and touching film that highlighted how busy and varied a day as a GP is; from the initial triage calls in the morning, to the 30 different face-to-face appointments, to the home visits. Life as an NHS health care professional is rewarding, challenging and totally unique, full of little moments. Inspired by the musical cuts of Edgar Wright, we wanted the different people and sounds that populate a GP’s surgery to drive the film forward, to be the beat that makes up their day.