We're a creative agency different animal

A new breed of creative company that brings together the best of Digital, Advertising and Television.

TOAD was formed in 2014 by four lifelong friends, who recognised a rumbling in the tectonic plates of their industries, as the lines began to blur between Advertising and Television, with brands moving towards more authentic, meaningful content and TV becoming increasingly digital.

Their answer was to create a studio that brought this shift into focus, by making cross-platform content that gives brands a greater connection with their audience.

Our close knit team is run more like a family, with the founders of TOAD taking their years of friendship and building a unique company ethos of creative expression and togetherness that can’t be faked.

Our Services

- Creative + Strategy
- Brand Communications
- Content Production
- Interactive Design

Clients, partners and friends

Why the name?

We could say it’s short for ‘The Original Advertising Dudes’ or tell you we were inspired by Ginger Baker’s boring drum solo, or that we got high on ayahuasca in Peru and met The Mighty Toad King, but the truth is, toads are different and so are we.

Our beloved sister

If Bruce Wayne has Batman and Jeremy Vine has Banksy, TOAD has Mother’s Best Child, our sister company that writes comedy for brands and TV. Too weak to fight crime but capable of making damn funny content, MBC has racked up over 250 million views and have just been given their own Channel 4 TV show, but who’s bragging? They are! Every. Single. Day.