Parliament : Your Story, Our History

A series of short films that has educated audiences and sparked debate across the UK.

what we did

UK Parliament wanted to highlighted the positive effects that certain laws have had on recent British history, whilst still maintaining that there was still work to be done.

Our response was ‘Your Story, Our History’, where a diverse cross section of people talked candidly about the affects legislation has had one them. This powerful 4 part series drove healthy debate across social media and has been Parliament’s most successful online campaign to date. The films have been watched over 2 Million times and drove healthy debate across the uk through 40,000 engagements.

Series 1 - Members of the BAME community from across the UK, speak candidly about their challenges of being an immigrant Britain, and that although there is still work to be done, there are positive changes Parliamentary legislation has brought forward.

Series 2 - To celebrate 50 years since the passing of the landmark 1967 Sexual Relations Act, we spoke to people from the LGTBQI+ community about their experiences of growing up as queer in the UK and how certain laws are helping them achieve a more equal footing in todays society.

Series 3 - February 2018 marked 100 years since women were allowed to vote in the UK. To celebrate this milestone, we asked women from all over Britain to talk about the impact the vote has had on them and what improvements there are still to be made.

Series 4 - The 2010 Equality Act was a law that gave increased rights to the disabled and chronically sick communities, especially in the workplace. We spoke to people who talked about their struggles with their conditions and the legal progress that is being made to accommodate them.