Your Story, Our History

Sparking debate across the UK

4 Series / 12 x (5min) episodes / UK Parliament


The campaign

UK Parliament wanted to engage ethnic minority communities, who have traditionally been underrepresented in the democratic process and explain how equality and diversity legislation has changed black and minority ethnic people’s lives, whilst still maintaining that there was work to be done.

We proposed the campaign ‘Your Story, Our History’ which was a series of short films that gave a cross section of people the platform to talk openly about their experiences of immigrating to the UK and how it has affected them and their loved ones.

The execution

Speaking directly to camera, these powerful and moving films communicate the dignity and strength of minority Britain in overcoming discrimination, whilst conveying the legislative advancements in protecting them. The films show how far we have come, but also that much work is still to be done.

The series

Due to the success of the campaign, we were commissioned to continue the series of films.

Series 2 celebrated 50 years since the passing of the 1967 Sexual Offenses Act, where members of the LGBTQI+ communities spoke candidly about issues such as the right to marry and gender equality.

Series 3 marked the centenary of the women’s right to vote and series 4 shined a light on the 2010 Equality Act that gave increased rights to the disabled and chronically sick communities, especially in the workplace.

The Impact

The powerful four part series drove healthy debate across social media and has been Parliament’s most successful online campaign to date.

The films have been watched over 2 Million times and have over 40,000 engagements.

Funny + Thoughtful; sounds so simple, but can be so hard to get right.

If you want a creative & production partner with a proven track record in these spaces, get in touch.

Funny+thoughtful; sounds so simple, but can be so hard to get right.

If you want a creative & production partner with a proven track record in these spaces, get in touch.