Love is Key

A story of young love in lockdown

Branded / Public Health England

About the content

As Covid restriction began to ease, Public Health England wanted to create a film that implored young people to continue to socialise online.

The result was the animated short, Love is Key; which follows a young man who appears to be breaking the rules for a hookup. The film was awash with subtle detail, with every single frame having multiple covid related messages.

Resonate with the audience

Love is Key broke from the COVID messaging trend of shocking young audiences with the terrible consequences of bad behaviour.

Instead we looked to reinforce good behaviour with a positive story, by highlighting the things that many young people were already doing.

The execution

The animated film was loaded with cultural easter eggs and hidden messaging that looked to encourage good behaviour amongst an audience who were already feeling misunderstood and attacked.

Funny + Thoughtful; sounds so simple, but can be so hard to get right.

If you want a creative & production partner with a proven track record in these spaces, get in touch.

Funny+thoughtful; sounds so simple, but can be so hard to get right.

If you want a creative & production partner with a proven track record in these spaces, get in touch.